Family Institution

• The Family Party organised by the family associations


The family associations will organise the second "Fête des Familles" event in order to get to know each other better, during a convivial event. The objectives are to contribute to the development, consolidation and structuring of the life of Udaf's member family associations while respecting their diversity.


The Family Festival is structured around a day with stands run by volunteers from family associations to welcome their members but also all the families in the department. All associations involved in parenting are also invited.

Beyond the "event" aspect, it is the basis of a sustainable operating dynamic that is aimed at through this event.

The next Fête des Familles will take place on Sunday 02 October 2022 at the Marché Gare de Montauban from 10 am to 5 pm.


D'Jaz is an experimental scheme financed by the Departmental Council and the DDETS, in favour of the professional and residential integration, as well as the social inclusion of 20 young people aged between 18 and 21, former beneficiaries of the Children's Social Aid services, built around ethical values, in a global and intersectional approach to the specific problems identified that these young people may encounter, in order to co-create and co-construct with them a project of support towards adulthood.


Udaf 82 is an official member of EASPD (European Association of Service providers), a European association of service providers for people with disabilities. It represents more than 20,000 disability services across Europe. It promotes equal opportunities for people with disabilities through effective and quality support and services.

EASPD website

• Crèche project

Udaf 82 is currently developing a project to create a company crèche with 39 multi-modal places for 2024. Udaf 82 intends to ensure that its associative values of social ties, solidarity, education and support in the face of life's difficulties are reflected in the organisation and operation of the crèche. Thus, all the family support and parenting support services managed by Udaf 82 will be present and accessible to the parents of the crèche.