Family Pole

• Boomering

Misinformation, misunderstanding and indoctrination... are a threat to democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and critical thinking, with the consequence of distancing people from active and constructive citizenship.

We want to offer educators and the young people they support tools and new skills to fight against misinformation and fake news that lead to obscurantism.

The objectives of Boomering are the following:

  • to prevent any form of radicalism among teenagers and also to anticipate their adherence to any obscurantist thesis;
  • to raise awareness of the importance of developing intellectual self-defence and media literacy skills for oneself and for others;
  • to highlight common European values characterised by pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men.

• Conseillers Numériques

The health crisis has highlighted the particular importance of digital tools for working, teaching, caring or ensuring the resilience of public and private services in an epidemic context. It also confirmed what we already knew: digital technology is set to play an increasing role in our lives as citizens, consumers, workers, learners and parents.

The digital advisors will support you in three priority areas:

  • supporting you in your daily use of digital technology: working remotely, consulting a doctor, selling an object, buying online, etc. ;
  • raising your awareness of digital issues and encouraging critical and civic-minded use: getting information and learning to check sources, protecting your personal data, mastering social networks, monitoring your children's schooling, etc;
  • make you autonomous in order to carry out administrative procedures online alone.

Operation supported by the State as part of the "Conseiller Numérique France Services" plan.

• Médiation pour Aidants & Aidés

Experimentation of a mediation offer for carers and assisted persons in a context of disability and loss of autonomy. Mediation responds to a well-identified need to calm conflicts with care staff/institutions and conflicts between carers or carer/care receiver. It provides support for family carers by preventing their exhaustion, who play an essential role for society and for the entire care and solidarity system. It also helps to re-establish dialogue and find solutions together and contributes to preventing situations of abuse.

What conflict situations does Mediation for Carers & Helpers address?

  • Conflicting cohabitations.
  • The need to consider a legal protection measure.
  • The organisation of home care.
  • Siblings' conflicts in the context of inheritance.
  • A child taking power over a parent.
  • Staying at home or entering an institution.
  • Food support obligations.
  • Conflicts related to the management of the legal protection measure.