• AIVS : Social Real Estate Agency

AIVS stands for Social Real Estate Agency. Its missions are to provide individual support to owners and tenants at every step of the rental process, and act as a third-party when conflicts arise.

Because they have a social purpose, AIVS services only apply to two types of population :

  • People struggling to find independent housing because of a precarious situation
  • Landlords willing to accommodate people in a precarious situation, while preventing rental risks

Thus and unlike any traditional real estate agency, which is profit and commercially driven, the AIVS’ sole purpose is to help people in need and fight against poverty.

For this project, theUdaf 82 works with the FAPIL.

• Support for Ukrainian families

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a wave of support has arisen in solidarity to refugees arriving in France.

Through our Housing team of professionals, the Udaf 82 has been committed to welcoming and supporting families, by finding flats and houses to accommodate them in Tarn-et-Garonne.

Public authorities have recognised both our commitment and our intervention as a qualified operator, within the rental intermediation agreement framework.