Housing Pole


The Agence Immobilière à Vocation Sociale (AIVS) acts as an intermediary between the owner and the tenant to guarantee individualised support for each of them at every stage of the rental process.

Thanks to their social vocation, the AIVS will deal with two types of public only:

  • people who have difficulty finding independent housing because of their precarious situation;
  • landlords wishing to welcome people in difficulty while securing the rental risk.

Thus, unlike a traditional real estate agency whose aim is to make a profit and whose aim is commercial, the sole aim of an AIVS is to help people in difficulty and to fight against precariousness.

Udaf 82 is in partnership with the FAPIL.

• Support for Ukrainian families

Since the beginning of the war, a wave of solidarity has been created to support Ukrainians.

Udaf 82, through its Housing Unit, is committed to welcoming and supporting families in flats or houses throughout the country. As an approved operator, this commitment is supported by the State within the framework of a rental intermediation agreement.