Our missions in the service of the family

• Missions

Responsibilities, according to article L211-3 of the Social Intervention and Families Code

Chapter 1 of Code, titled "Family Associations", established the Udaf 82’s goals and responsibilities.

To be a force for submitting proposals to public authorities

National and county unions are authorised, without compromising rights and other prerogatives that may result from their statutes, to : “Give public authorities their opinions on all family-related matters, and suggest measures that seem to be in the families’ best material and moral interests.”

To defend families’ best interests before public authorities

“To officially represent all families before public authorities, and to appoint or suggest delegates to sit in various councils, assemblies and other bodies the State, region, county or city council may create.”

To support families :

Note: Udaf 82’s legal mission is to represent all families without exception, and not simply members of the family associations network. When carrying out this mission, Udaf 82 sketches families’ true situation both in its specificities and its global shape.

“To manage any service of family utility which public authorities consider they should be responsible for.”

To be authorised to defend families before all authorities

“To exercise before all jurisdictions, without having to justify of any approval or a prior authorisation from any public authority, and specifically of the approval provided for in Article L. 621-1 of the Consumer Code, the civil service in relation to situations likely to harm families’ moral and material interests, including offences mentioned in Article 227-24 of the Criminal Code." (Legifrance).